JSOU Held A New Year Gala

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On the evening of December 28, the New Year Evening Gala was held on Yingtian Campus. leaders of JSOU and its branch universities, the Paralympic athletes alumni, as well as teachers and students happily got together and celebrated the arrival of new year. The Gala was live broadcast on Education Chanel of Jiangsu TV Station. 

14 wonderful programs were put on the gala including singing, dancing, poem recital, and Chinese Kong Fu. The performance well demonstrated the culture and development physiology of JSOU. About 500 performers participated the performance, including 11 Paralympic athlete alumni who won 11 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 4 bronze medals on 2016 Paralympic Games. They are the pride of the university and JSOU was therefore referred as the “cradle of champions”. 

The wonderful performance won warm applause from the audience, and everybody looks forward to greater achievement in the coming new year.